NOVA information system for leasing and financing

NOVA information system for leasing and financing


Nova.eArchive - Simple and powerful system for storing electronic documents

Nova.eArchive system enables storage of electronic documents. Each electronic document has certain metadata that describes it and that can be used to perform a quick search. Multiple files can be stored in one document. Nova.eArchive system shares common infrastructure and installation with Nova.BPM system.

Nova.eArchive can also be used just as a metadata system that connects Nova.Core with external archive system. In this case, document files are stored in an external electronic archive, and Nova.eArchive contains only references to those files. This configuration allows direct access to documents in the external archive from Nova.Core system.



  • Web application
  • Adjustable search forms
  • Audit trail for each document and each file, including access to them
  • Restricted access to document categories
  • Restricted access to search forms
  • File storage is possible in a database, disk or external archive
  • The list of users is the same as in the Nova.BPM system
  • One document can contain several files
  • The same file can be contained in several documents
  • Documents fall into different categories, and a set of data is defined for each of them
  • Possibility of manual classification and import of scanned documents
  • Possibility of automatic classification of scanned documents based on barcode

Integration with Nova.Core and Nova.BPM systems

With Nova.Core system:

  • View and search documents in Nova.Core client
  • Export of documents to the archive (eDocs module in Nova.Core)

With Nova.BPM system:

  • Creating documents from process attachments
  • Creating documents from files / documents already in the archive
  • Entering and updating documents which are part of the processes